Planning out our outfit of the day is a trouble for us all on a daily basis and the festive season is not an exceptional. The holidays is the best time for the families to have their matching outfits but finding the perfect outfit for our children has always been a pain. *Headache*

With sweet looking outfits that your kids can wear with ease even beyond Raya, we’ve picked out the top 5 colours that you should not miss out on when preparing the Raya outfits for your kids, so what are you waiting for?

Let the fashion game begin!


The Greens

Raya isn’t raya if some greens aren’t included to our Raya OOTD list. If you’re a vintage lover, this ash green dress gives you a classy and dreamy look for its ruffle sleeves as well as subtle lace trims.

Or you can go for the freshy apple green dress with floral printing:


The Blue series

Have a colour-matching game by identifying your children’s personalities with colours; we have the dark blue for the one with a chill attitude and light blue for the active one!

Special Raya highlight: Inspired from ketupat, this royal blue dress with cross hatching pattern is perfectly suitable for Raya!



Sweet Pink Dress with Peter-Pan Collars and Tiny Flower

Add a tint of sweetness to this festive season with pastel pink! Transform a plain dress into a fun fashion piece with peter-pan collars as well as tiny purple flower sprigs and an adventurous Wendy is ready to fly!


Pastel Orange Tees

Orange is associated with the meanings of joy, warmth, heat, and sunshine. You can always tune in to your festive spirit through a prettier shade of orange. The colour coral works wonder for a joy-filled holiday.



The Classic Colour Trio

Saving the best for the last, if you don’t fancy vibrant colours and prefer to play safe, then nothing will go wrong with these timeless colours: Black, White, and Grey