Common symbols on care label of Kiko, Baby Kiko or Trudy & Teddy garments.
Consumers to read and understand before washing.

Care Symbol

 Care Instructions Remarks 
 Machine Wash,
Water Temperature Not Exceeding 30C
  • Wash dark colour garment separately as jeans and any dark colour garment can become faded during washing, this would stain other garments in the wash.
  • Wash garment inside out will help to hold colour longer.
  • Do not soak,especially dark colour garment.
  • Apply hand wash on garment with netting or organza material.
 Do Not Bleach,
The Garment Is Not Able To Withstand Any Bleach
 Do Not Wring
 Drip Dry,Hang Garment Indoors
  • Avoid direct sunlight exposure,it will cause colour fading.
 Tumble Dry, Low Temperature
 Iron, Medium Temperature Setting
  • Do not iron on decorations or prints.
  • Is always safe to start with low temperature setting.

Other additional ways to take care of your garments

 Wash Your Garments Only When Necessary
  • Agitating,tumbling and coming into contact with other garments can leave your garments faded,pilling or damaged in the washing process. Wash the garment after a few wearing or when visibly dirty.
 Iron With Care
  • Apply right heat level for type of fabric used for the garment will help to maintain appearance and quality of the clothing.
  • Over heating may burn or yellowing the fabric.
 Good Storage 
  • Well dried before storing to prevent mould problems.
  • Store garments in cool and dry place.
  • Do not overload and squish garments in storage,this may cause wrinkling.