In order to catch up with the changing trends, brands are constantly spicing up their game by releasing fresh, creative designs into the market, including new sleeves designs. But do you know you can dress your child in such ways using just 6 types of sleeves? Here’s how:-


We’re starting off with the most troubleless sleeves ever – going sleeveless isn’t a foreign scene in Malaysia, especially when our country is a tropical country with only hot and humid happening all-year-round.

Aside of wearing this at home, you can style your child with a pair of khaki shorts if you’re planning to spend the day out-and-about.

Short Ruffle Sleeves

What if you prefer something more than a mere sleeveless shirt for your children? Then short ruffle sleeves is what you need. If you haven’t noticed, ruffles are an endless trend as it’s capable of transforming a plain tee into something sweet and simple.

Match it with a tulle skirt (a.k.a tu-tu skirt) and a mini ballerina is born~ You can bet that your kid will be just as happy in this outfit like how this kitten is.

Short Sleeves with Slight Puff

Every detail makes a difference and this little puff on both side of the sleeves helps to amp up the loveliness of an ordinary short sleeves tee, like how the white feathers of a swan make them appear innocent.

Double-up the cute game by pairing it with a coloured pants, top it off with a hat or a headband of your choice and your kid is ready to shake people’s heart.

Short Sleeves with Ruffle-End

Have you ever encounter the problem of a shirt not fitting to your child’s size due to unstretchable sleeves even though the shirt label tells you otherwise? If so, check out for short sleeves with ruffle-end as it’s designed to fit to your kid’s arm in ease with the use of elastic. Feel free to dress this up and down in whichever you prefer with either jeans or skirts. Just like the hedgehog in the picture, you can say goodbye to your struggles!

Short & Long Sleeves

Now, this wouldn’t be the ultimate guide without the familiar short and long sleeves. Other than wearing the panda print to sleep, you can wear it out on a casual, comfort day. For instance, roll up the sleeves and add a belt or suspender to the trouser for a classic, fun look. The same thing can be done to both shorts and skirts.

You can also layer it up with a checkered shirt or a denim jacket depending on the weather and this makes the animal print to stand out from your child’s outfit more.