John Master
Discover The Best In You.

John Master is one of the Malaysia leading lifestyle Men’s brands providing quality and stylish apparels, accessories and underwear in complimenting fit and innovative materials since 1981. With a solid 36 years of passion in understanding the needs and wants of modern successful men, John Master strive to maintain its brand leadership positioning in the menswear market by continuous innovation in merchandise offering.

Inspiring men is his daily lifestyle. Our passion is to be the one brand for men that accentuate not only his appearance; but also his Charisma and confidence to win his daily battles be it at work or at play.

Our tone and manner is charming without pretension, Confident with humility, differentiated in a relevant way, and spontaneous in a pleasant manner.

Our ambition is to be Asia’s go to brand for Men. We are not just an apparel but a lifestyle. We strive to excel in design, quality and innovation, through tasteful yet elegant details, and complimenting fit and fabric in an effortless way.

Brand expression: Confident with humility, and spontaneous in a pleasant manner.

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