About KIKO

KIKO is the brand that celebrates kids’ individuality and allows them to stay true to their commitments since incorporated in 1984. KIKO wishes to inspire children to embrace their individuality, differences, allowing them to dream big and living with a sense of freedom.

Over the years, KIKO has built a reputation for our unique blend of designs and fine quality. We behold to our brand’s core values dearly that define the path that we travel with our kids and their parents in this remarkable journey.

KIKO offers a collection befitting the lives of the little girls today, embracing their smart and stylish characteristics. KIKO also comes out with a complete range of young boys’ wardrobe essentials, which are accessible in terms of both style and price.

KIKO’s designs reflect the urban mood that brings out the cool and practical cosmopolitan style and creative designs are also done with unique graphic and vibrant colours.