A swim brand that pursuits its excellence through offering full range of swim wear and accessories with love of fun and colour

Schwarzenbach was established in 1979 in Frankfurt Germany and launched and launched in Malaysia under license in 1980.

Schwarzenbach’s swimwear are designed for swimmers and lovers of water sport built on colourful, trendy and fashionable designs. Offer a full range of swim and beach wear for the adult and children complemented with swim accessories.

Schwarzenbach psychographics – swim
The parents – Dote on their children and want them to look cute, stylish & fashionable while on swimwear.

The teenage & adult – The need to feel stylish & confident, to demonstrate individualistic, fun & loving characteristic.

Brand expression: Playful, stylish and active.

Keyword: swimwear, water sport, fashionable swim accessories, swimming class, kid swimwear, adult swimwear.