About Trudy & Teddy

Trudy & Teddy is an expression of a mother’s love for her baby.

Trudy brings the meaning of beloved child and Teddy brings the meaning of a gift from God.

Inspired by the classic European style, Trudy & Teddy offer a range of modern and refined yet timeless apparels for the precious little ones. A new elegant style in subtle shades is born. It is the everyday style that can be easily matched.

Each and every piece of Trudy & Teddy apparel is beautifully finished and harmonized with detailed embellishments such as laser embroideries, lace trimming, high density or aluminium foil prints and everything was completed with a perfect cut.

Lovingly designed and created for the babies, Trudy & Teddy makes it possible for every mother to proudly show off her pride and pleasure, allowing mothers to enjoy creating moments or special occasions by dressing up their babies. It is also a wonderful gift to usher the new born.

With Trudy & Teddy, your little ones can stay stylish and fashionable at all times!